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Want to go back in time naturally? It is possible with our anti-wrinkle and firming solution: the certified organic anti-aging argan oil cream.

Its exclusive and innovative formula highly concentrated in argan oil boosts collagen synthesis and contributes to:

  • Anti-Aging for skin looking for a global anti-aging action : Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Firm the skin
  • Redraw the oval of the face
  • Nourishing, an essential action for dry skin: Intensely nourish the skin
  • Anti-Wrinkle for a more specific action on wrinkles and firmness,
  • Mature skin, a regenerating action to illuminate, nourish and redensify,

Rich in omega 6 and 9 as the key ingredient of this cream; Argan oil which is famous for its firming properties. Moreover, for its tightening effect on the skin. Thanks to its rich and melting texture. This anti-aging cream it helps to make the skin more supple and firmer.

This cream with argan oil provides many beneficial elements mainly vitamin E and fatty acids. In Addition this cream hydrates the skin and has anti-aging effects. It prevents the apparition of wrickles, fine lines, dark spots and the epidermis loosening. Moreover, It helps to nourishe deeply the skin and provides as well maximum vitality and softness for a youthful and healthy look.


  • Creamy and very light, the Care anti-aging argan oil Cream moisturizes your face, bringing it softness and well-being. Suitable for all types of skin. In addition, it’s non-greasy and moisturizes by impregnating the upper layers of the epidermis.
  • Organic Argan oil is obtained by cold pressing. The fruits of the Argan tree (Argania spinosa), the arganons are sorted, selected and not roasted.
  • Rich in tocopherols (vitamin E): natural antioxidants, it protects the skin of the face from ageing.
  • Composed of triacylglycerides: it has softening and softening properties, which help to rebuild the lipid film of the skin.
  • Rich in sterols which they help the improve the barrier function of the skin and microcirculation, they slow down skin aging, they are anti-inflammatory, they protect against the action of UV rays.


Wash your face with argan hard soap, then apply this cream twice a day on clean skin, massage for a minute to help the penetration of the nutrients. Avoid exposure to the sun after application of argan cream.

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