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Argan Oil - 50ml

Argan Oil - 50ml

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Obtained by pressing almonds from the argan tree nuts, organic argan oil is very rich and has countless virtues for the skin, nails and hair. Regenerating and softening, organic and natural pure cosmetic argan oil is traditionally used in all rituals and beauty treatments by Berber women.

Moreover, argan oil offers exceptional restorative characteristics to respond to the aggressions of the wind, cold or sun. Be careful, however, as argan oil has restorative properties.

Repairing, nourishing and protective, it is complete because it is able to take care of the hair, face and body. Furthermore, being a virgin, argan oil can be used by all professions related to beauty and well-being. The composition of this organic oil contains only omega 9, omega 6 and saturated fatty acids as well as antioxidant vitamin E.

Mature or fragile skin will appreciate argan oil for its moisturizing properties, but also to fight against aging. It preserves and reinforces the natural elasticity of the skin. Ideal for nails and hands, it also strengthens hair if used as a mask.



As a cosmetic ingredient of choice, pure cosmetic argan oil is famous for its many properties:

Rich in vitamin E, sterols (lipids) and phenolic compounds (antioxidants), argan oil fights free radicals responsible for premature aging of the skin and stimulates the enzymatic activity of the skin's defence cells.

Vitamin E and polyphenols in argan oil stimulate collagen synthesis which strengthens the supporting tissue of the epidermis.

By restoring the barrier function of the skin, argan oil protects it from external aggressions such as cold, and wind but also from possible allergens, and dust.

Thanks to its exceptional content of essential fatty acids, argan oil plays a role in the permeability of the epidermis. It participates in the restoration and maintenance of the hydrolipidic film of the skin, and reinforces its barrier function. Water loss and water evaporation from the skin are limited with a lower risk of skin dryness.

Applied regularly, argan oil restores elasticity and suppleness to the skin. The epidermis is more toned, and more comfortable. Argan oil helps prevent stretch marks in pregnant women if applied early in pregnancy.

With its high content of essential fatty acids, argan oil is extremely nourishing. It is a popular active ingredient for dry, scaly, dull, itchy skin. In winter, it envelops the skin in softness.

It is the anti-radical activity of argan oil that allows it to have a preventive effect on the formation of spots.

In traditional medicine, argan oil is used to soothe skin suffering from psoriasis, burns, and chickenpox pimples. It is also a source of comfort for sensitive, irritated skin.

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